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  • What problems does MaskTite help with?
    MaskTite strips make every mask better. They stop your glasses from fogging. They stop your mask from slipping. You can use them to close gaps around your face. And you can use MaskTite to get your kid’s mask to fit better. In short, if there’s something that’s annoying you about your mask, MaskTite can probably help.
  • How big are MaskTite strips?
    ⅜ inches wide by 4” long
  • Do these work with kids’ masks too?
    Yes, we sized our tape to work with masks of all sizes.
  • What kind of mask can I use these with?
    We designed MaskTite to make every mask better. They work with cloth or paper masks. Just be sure to remove the MaskTite strip before washing.
  • Is it really ok to stick this to my face?!?
    It is! This is medical-grade tape that’s designed to be skin safe. But to be on the safe side, try it on a small section of your face first. A couple other things to keep in mind: avoid contact with your eyes and don’t use MaskTite if your skin is sunburned, irritated or sensitive.
  • Where are MaskTite strips made?
    In the USA.
  • Where can I buy MaskTite strips?
    Just click on the shop now button on any page to go to our Amazon listing.
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